Buy or Sell your Cirrus

A trusted partner when you need one the most

Clear Star Aviation has the technical expertise required to maintain a wide range of single and multi-engine aircraft. So it just makes sense to offer our customers the opportunity to leverage this expertise when it comes time to purchase or sell aircraft. Whether you’re buying or selling, our sales staff will work to ensure that your sales or purchasing objectives are met by providing a detailed analysis of each aircraft. Make sure you are working with the most up-to-date and accurate information available when making decisions regarding your flying future. Contact our sales staff to discuss your next aircraft sale or purchase.


Whether you are buying or selling, most aircraft transactions include an evaluation of the current aircraft market as well as the demand and availability of a particular make and model aircraft. These evaluations require experience, access to market history, and an in-depth knowledge of the aircraft’s airframe, engine and avionics history. By selecting Clear Star Aviation as your partner you are assured that both your flying and financial objectives are met. Our goal is to provide the best possible service.

  • Showcase your plane in Dallas or keep flying at your home base until it sells.
  • Featured display ads in a variety of publications and websites.
  • A full-time sales team who are also FAA Certified Flight Instructors and pilots capable of providing demonstrations in your aircraft to prospective buyers.
  • Direct e-mail broadcast advertisements to the Aviation Industry, including aircraft owners/operators, Business Aviation departments, FBO’s, brokers, and many more.
  • Maintenance discounts apply while we sell your aircraft.


When purchasing an aircraft it just makes sense to have an experienced set of eyes evaluate your potential aircraft’s condition and to research log books to ensure compliance with service bulletins (SBs) and airworthiness directives (ADs). Clear Star Aviation has the experience and judgement to assist new or seasoned aircraft owners with the inspection of potential aircraft before you make the purchase. Our team of professionals work hard to provide a seamless flying experience.