Why should platinum matter to you? Let’s put to rest any questions you may have about all shops being the same.

Cheaper is Not Always Better—Especially in a Cirrus

Every month we have Cirrus owners who come to us after having their annual inspections performed at their local shop for the past few years and they are surprised to find out what it really takes to insure their Cirrus is airworthy. Performed properly, and in accordance with the Cirrus Maintenance Manual, there are over 210 items that must be checked or tested if the annual inspection is performed properly. Many small shops don’t have the equipment nor the factory-trained personnel to properly perform a Cirrus annual inspection. It is a very complex aircraft.

Annual inspections on a Cirrus aircraft should only be performed by an Authorized Service Center with a stellar reputation when it comes to quality. Anything less puts you, your family and your Cirrus at risk. While all of these inspection items are reviewed, many will simply be for informational purposes, many will be recommendations—but still your choice, and some will be required to insure your Cirrus is airworthy.

At Clear Star Aviation, our pledge is to be honest with you about your aircraft’s needs and keep you informed of potential future issues that need to be addressed. We will never take advantage of you or recommend any repair that is not necessary.

Our goal is to have you as a “Customer for Life” and we pledge to be open and honest with you at all times.