Is your beautiful Cirrus starting to look tired next to the new designs. With paint jobs exceeding $25,000, we have an affordable alternative. At Clear Star Aviation, we work with our sister company, Plane Transformations, to design a new look just for you.
Our designers will walk you through the process to insure you get the custom look you want.

Our graphics offerings provide you with a complete package including fuselage, tail, wing tips, N-numbers and wheel fairings. Combine your new graphics package with a CAPS repack or annual inspection and we will discount the price.

Interior Design & Repair

Clear Star Aviation provides “sports car” quality interior designs and repairs. We can repair and refresh panels, seat covers and glare shields. If you are wanting a new custom interior or just need a repair, most jobs can be done while your plane is in for its CAPS repack or annual inspection much less than replacement.

Wheel Pant Refresh/Repair

New wheel pants cost upwards of $2,500 to replace. Repairs, painting and graphics installation can increase the cost even more. We work with Plane Transformations to repair, paint and install new graphics at half the cost of a new wheel pant. Most repairs are $995 and include repair, paint and new graphics. If you want a really fresh look, send us all three and we will completely refresh all three for $2195. It’s like putting new wheels and tires on your favorite hot rod.

Combine any of our offerings with an annual inspection, CAPS repack or Avionics upgrade and receive valuable discounts.

LoPresti Aviation

Clear Star Aviation will provide and install the Cirrus Next Generation HID Light Systems from LoPresti Aviation. The LoPresti BOOMBEAMS increses safety, produces 600% more light and has a 5 year/5000 hour warranty. Call today for a quote and schedule your installation.<br />

    Beringer Aero

    Clear Star Aviation offers and installs Beringer High Performance Brakes and Tubeless Tires offering both Single and Dual Brakes with Formula 1 ventilated pistons and cooling fins. These kits provide more safety, lower operating costs and reduced landing distance. Call today and schedule your upgrade!<br />


      Clear Star Aviation will provide and install the MT 4-Blade Composite Propeller for your Cirrus aircraft. The STC Kit includes a 4 blade propeller, Kevlar spinner assembly, and operation manual. The MT 4 gives you turbine smooth, vibration free operations, improved engine cooling, enhanced climbing performance, shorter take-off distance, increased static thrust and enhanced cruise performance.

        Tamarack Aerospace

        Clear Star Aviation provides and install the Tamarack Aerospace control quadrant for the Cirrus SR-20 and SR22. The upgrade provides greater fuel efficiency and reduced engine wear by means of a propeller RPM control lever. The propeller control reduces noise and provides a quieter ride.

          Clear Star Custom

          Custom Interior Design and Interior Repairs—Clear Star now provides interior repairs to seats, panels and headliners. If you want a whole new interior, our designers will work work with you to custom design a “sports car quality” interior just for you. Call today if you have questions!